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One-of-a-kind care solutions for clients with cognitive disorders

We help your loved one stay comfortable, safe and at home while living with dementia. We provide specialised care plans for clients across North-East Wales and Cheshire who have cognitive disorders. We’ll work with you to design a care plan and match your loved one with a dedicated care provider.

Dementia Care Solutions
Our process

Dementia care which makes daily life as normal as possible

Client stories

Home care catered to specific personal needs

We’ll work with you to design a care plan and match your loved one with a dedicated care provider.


Family member

Miranda’s mother Elizabeth has been diagnosed with vascular dementia which came as a shock to her family. The role of caregiver fell to Miranda—who is an only child—although she has a busy marketing career.


Care provider

Kacey is a dementia care nurse who provides care and support to people living with dementia. Her gentle and patient nature—combined with her expertise—earned her a reputation as an empathetic caregiver.


Patient living with dementia

Willie is 65 and was diagnosed with dementia two years ago. Willie wanted to remain in the comfort of his own home and his family worked with us to provide him with two specialist dementia care nurses.


Family member

Johnny found himself facing one of life’s most challenging journeys when his father, Alan, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease two years ago.


Patient living with dementia

Jennifer’s world turned upside down when she received the diagnosis of early onset dementia. With our support, Jennifer decided that she wanted to remain in the comfort of her own home.


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