How soon can a carer be placed?

We aim to have a caregiver placed within 2–4 weeks during which we’ll work with you to ensure a suitable match.

How do you match a carer with my parent?

The needs and requirements of a loved one are carefully assessed and the carer’s experience and skills are matched to them.

For what hours is care available?

Daytime care during daylight hours, evening care, and overnight care involves caregivers being present during the night.

Can carers be changed if not a good fit?

Our goal is to match a caregiver with your loved one, but if an assigned carer is not a good fit, it’s possible to make a change.

Can a carer provide nursing care?

Our caregivers do not provide nursing care, but we work closely with doctors, dieticians, district nurses, and physiotherapist.

Is respite care available?

We offer respite care in your own home which allows you to take a break while ensuring your loved one receives the care they need.

Is financial support available?

Financial support or partial support is available through your local council. We recommend a social worker assessment to determine your eligibility.

Is an assessment of my relative carried out?

We take a person-centred approach and Our assessment covers basic care requirements, medication needs, and social activities.

What areas do you cover?

We currently help people living with dementia across North-East Wales and Cheshire. However, we’re actively working on expanding our coverage.

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