Client stories


Family member

Miranda’s mother Carrie is 72 years old and has been diagnosed with vascular dementia which came as a shock to her family. As the symptoms progressed, Miranda noticed her mother’s confusion, memory lapses, and difficulty performing routine tasks. The role of caregiver fell mainly on Miranda—who is an only child—although she has a busy career in marketing.

At first, Miranda attempted to handle her mother’s care on her own, believing she could balance her professional responsibilities with caregiving. However, it became evident that her mother needed more attention and specialised care as Miranda struggled to cope with her mother’s unpredictable behaviour.

Feeling overwhelmed, Miranda looked to us for advice. We conducted an assessment of Carrie’s condition and developed a bespoke care plan for Carrie. This consultation was a turning point for Miranda.

With the support of one of our dementia specialists, Miranda explored several care options including assisted living facilities and in-home care. Each option had its pros and cons. After discussing them with her family, Miranda decided at-home care would be the best option for her mother. She wanted Carrie to stay in familiar surroundings and the comfort of her own home. Hiring professional caregivers who specialise in dementia care seemed like the most compassionate and practical choice.

Miranda’s journey in finding at-home care for her mother with dementia was emotionally demanding but crucial for ensuring Carrie’s well-being. With our help, Miranda was able to navigate the challenges and find the best care for her mother. The at-home caregivers provided Carrie with the attention and support she needed, allowing Miranda to cherish the moments she spent with her mother.


Family member

Johnny found himself facing one of life’s most challenging journeys when his father, Alan, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease two years ago. He knew he had to find the best care for his father.

Alan’s illness progressed and he experienced increasing confusion, memory loss, and difficulty with everyday tasks. Determined to give his father the best care, Johnny spoke with our specialists. He decided that familiar surroundings would be best for his father’s well-being.

Dementia care which makes daily life as normal as possible

Johnny found balancing affordability and quality care difficult. He also wanted to make sure that Alan’s caregivers had experience with the unique demands of Alzheimer’s disease. By working with one of our specialists, Johnny found an in-home carer who specialised in Alzheimer’s care. Johnny had the confidence that his father would be in good hands.

The caregiver created a personalised care plan which included daily routines, activities, and exercises to stimulate Alan’s cognitive functions. The caregiver also adapted to Alan’s changing needs, maintaining patience and compassion throughout the process.

Johnny was determined to find the best in-home care for his father. By working with us, Johnny found compassionate and professional care at home for his father.


Patient living with dementia

Willie is 65-years old man and was diagnosed with dementia two years ago. Willie wanted to remain in the comfort of his own home and his family worked with us to provide him with two specialist dementia care nurses, Amanda and Brandi.

Amanda and Brandi created a safe, stimulating, and supportive environment for Willie in his own home. They took an individual approach to Willie’s care—recognising his habits, interests, and past experiences—and tailored his care plan to cater to his specific needs. They fostered a genuine connection with Willie, earning his cooperation and trust.

The care nurses established a consistent daily routine for Willie which is essential for dementia patients. They helped him with daily activities while encouraging his independence whenever possible. By incorporating familiar activities into his routine, Amanda and Brandi were able to engage Willie and stimulate his cognitive functions.

Caring for a loved one with dementia can be emotionally demanding, and Amanda and Brandi provided emotional support to Willie’s family too. They educated the family about dementia, ensuring everyone understood Willie’s care. Their support not only enriched Willie’s life but also brought peace of mind to his family during this challenging period.


Care provider

Kacey is a dementia care nurse who provides care and support to people living with dementia.

After finishing high school, Kacey achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. During her studies, she developed an interest in dementia care and wanted to specialise in helping people live comfortably in their own homes. Kacey took advanced training to deepen her understanding of the various types of dementia. Her gentle and patient nature—combined with her expertise—earned her a reputation as an empathetic caregiver.

Kacey always builds meaningful connections with her clients and gets to know each individual’s life history to tailor her care approach to their needs. Whether it’s memory-stimulating activities, organising outings to favourite places, or simply providing companionship, Kacey ensures her clients feel cherished and valued. Beyond her caregiving duties, Kacey is passionate about raising awareness about dementia. She conducts sessions for families, sharing insights on coping strategies.

Kacey’s example as a dementia care nurse shows the profound impact a compassionate and dedicated individual can have on the lives of those living with dementia.


Patient living with dementia

Jennifer’s world turned upside down when she received the diagnosis of early onset dementia at the age of 60. An independent woman, she now faces uncertainty. With our support, Jennifer decided that she wanted to remain in the comfort of her own home while receiving the best possible care.

Our dementia care specialist provided a comprehensive plan to ensure Jennifer’s well-being. They designed a personalised care routine which includes assistance with daily activities and regular visits from medical professionals to monitor her health. Our team also work closely with Jennifer’s family, offering them guidance and emotional support.